Water Crystal Study – Mr Masara Emoto

Our thoughts and the language we use has an effect on every cell in our bodies and everything else around us.  This footage shows us how our words can either harm or heal.  

Music by: Antony Raijekov-Photo theme

In her article Water: The Essential Spirit of Place Kumanga Andrahennadi MA, Prof Seaton Baxter (OBE) states:

“Dr Masaru Emoto has shown that molecules of water are affected by our thoughts, words and emotions. Through this highly visual technique he has shown to the world that the energy vibrations change the form of water crystals. Positive words and images create beautiful crystal forms and the negative creates distorted crystals (quantum pollution).”

Think about how you feel when someone tells you they love you.  Compare this to when you are spoken to harshly or rudely.  Our bodies respond physically, mentally and spiritually, not only to the spoken word, but also to the thoughts and actions of others.

See Masaru Emoto‘s website for further details & experiments.


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